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Focus Meetings

The meetings usually take place on the Wednesday's, between 12.00 and 13.00, in "Aula Seminari 2"
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  • 16.02.2017. Matteo Acclavio: "Proof Diagrams for Multiplicative Linear Logic: Syntax and Semantics."
  • 08.03.2017. Raphaelle Crubillé: "Metric Reasoning about Lambda-Terms: the General Case."
  • 21.03.2017. Mario Bravetti: "Undecidability of Asynchronous Session Subtyping and its Decidable and Undecidable Fragments."
  • 28.03.2017. Andrea Condoluci: "Testing Equality is Linear."
  • 02.05.2017. Ken Sakayori: "A Truly Concurrent Game Model of the Asynchronous pi-Calculus."
  • 23.05.2017. Marco Carbone: "Multiparty Session types and Linear Logic."
  • 07.06.2017. Beniamino Accattoli: "The Complexity of Abstract Machines."
  • 17.10.2017. Roberto Gorrieri: "Team Bisimilarity, and its Associated Modal Logic, for BPP Nets."
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