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Appendix B: TWiki CSS

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Appendix B: TWiki CSS

Listing of CSS class names emitted from TWiki core code and standard plugins, for the 01-Aug-2004 TWiki production release.

Who should read this document?

More or less all html elements generated by TWiki core code now have Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) tags. Skin builders and others who want to change the appearance of the default TWiki installation or any of the skins can use this document to see what styles can be created for these html elements.

Naming conventions

  1. All TWiki class names have the prefix twiki. So: twikiEditPage, twikiTopicAction, etcetera. Remember that CSS class names are case sensitive - TWiki CSS uses lowercase tw.
  2. TWiki uses class names only (.twikiViewPage) and no id names (#twikiViewPage), to allow multiple class names. Class names are written using the dot prefix.
  3. If you define your own CSS classes, it is preferable that you do not use the twiki prefix to prevent undesired overriding effects.

CSS classes

Classes from core code

.twikiNew Changes.pm
.twikiChangeFormButtonHolder Edit.pm
.twikiChangeFormButton Form.pm
.twikiForm Form.pm
.twikiEditFormTextField Form.pm
.twikiEditFormLabelField Form.pm
.twikiEditFormTextAreaField Form.pm
.twikiEditFormCheckboxButton Form.pm
.twikiEditFormCheckboxButton Form.pm
.twikiEditFormCheckboxField Form.pm
.twikiEditFormRadioField Form.pm
.twikiEditFormError Form.pm
.twikiRadioButton Form.pm
.twikiCheckbox Form.pm
.twikiEditFormError Form.pm
.twikiDiffTable RDiff.pm
.twikiDiffDeletedHeader RDiff.pm
.twikiDiffDeletedMarker RDiff.pm
.twikiDiffDeletedText RDiff.pm
.twikiDiffAddedHeader RDiff.pm
.twikiDiffAddedMarker RDiff.pm
.twikiDiffAddedText RDiff.pm
.twikiDiffChangedHeader RDiff.pm
.twikiDiffChangedText RDiff.pm
.twikiDiffUnchangedText RDiff.pm
.twikiDiffLineNumberHeader RDiff.pm
.twikiForm Render.pm
.twikiAnchorLink Render.pm
.twikiLink Render.pm
.twikiNewLink Render.pm
.twikiNew Search.pm
.twikiAlert Search.pm
.twikiAlert Statistics.pm
.twikiAlert TWiki.pm
.twikiToc TWiki.pm
.twikiTocTitle TWiki.pm

Classes from Plugins


.twikiSortedAscendingCol TablePlugin.pm
.twikiSortedDescendingCol TablePlugin.pm
.twikiFirstCol TablePlugin.pm

Going further

PatternSkin makes fully use of CSS in its templates. Read the PatternSkin topic and PatternSkinCss to learn more about adjusting PatternSkin, or creating your own CSS-based skin.

See also: DragonSkin?.

Practical introduction to CSS: http://www.w3.org/Style/LieBos2e/enter/

-- TWiki:Main.ArthurClemens - 08 Aug 2004

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