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ObjectMethod findUserByEmail ($email) -> \@users

  • $email - email address to look up
Return a list of user objects for the users that have this email registered with the password manager.


ObjectMethod createUser ($login,$wikiname) -> $userobject

 Create a user, and insert them in the maps (overwriting any current entry). Use this instead of findUser when you want to be sure you are not going to pick up any default user created by findUser. All parameters are required.
Line: 56 to 67
 and vice-versa.

ObjectMethod initializeRemoteUser ($remoteUser) -> $loginName

Return value: $remoteUser

Acts as a filter for $remoteUser. If set, $remoteUser is filtered for insecure characters and untainted.

If not user is passed, the remote user defaults to $cfg{DefaultUserLogin} (usually 'guest').

If we got here via an authentication status failure, then the remote user is set to blank, effectively signalling an illegal access.

If no remote user name was passed in, the user defaults to $cfg{DefaultUserLogin}.

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