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regex="on" RegularExpression search Literal search
reverse="on" Reverse the direction of the search Ascending search
casesensitive="on" Case sensitive search Ignore case
nosummary="on" Show topic title only Show topic summary
bookview="on" BookView search, e.g. show complete topic text Show topic summary
nosummary="on" Show topic title only. [3] Show topic summary
bookview="on" BookView search, e.g. show complete topic text. [3] Show topic summary.
format="..." Define a FormattedSearch, i.e.
"   * [[$topic]]: $summary". [3]
Show regular search result with topic summary
header="..." Specify header of FormattedSearch, i.e.
"   * *Topic: Summary:*".
Show regular header
nosearch="on" Suppress search string Show search string
noheader="on" Suppress search header
Topics: Changed: By:
Show search header
nototal="on" Do not show number of topics found Show number
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 [1] Note: The search form uses identical names for input fields.

[2] Note: A web can be excluded from a web="all" search if you define a NOSEARCHALL=on variable in its WebPreferences.

[3] Note: Regular search, no summary, BookView and FormattedSearch are exclusive.

Preferences Variables

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