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Focus Meetings

The meetings take place on the Wednesday's, between 12.00 and 13.00, usually in "Sala Riunioni 1"


  • 11.01.2012. Claudio Guidi: "Service Oriented Recursion"
  • 18.01.2012. Elena Giachino: Presentation of a paper on combination of static and dynamic typing.
  • 30.01.2012. Peter Hofner: "Formal Methods for Wireless Mesh Networks" (Visitor)
  • 22.02.2012. Ornela Dardha: "Session Types Revisited"
  • 07.03.2012. Alexandru Tudor Lascu: " Behavioural patterns and name creation" (Thesis Proposal)
  • 14.03.2012. Matias Lee: "Probabilistic transition system specification: Congruence and full abstraction of bisimulation"
  • 28.03.2012. Giulio Pellitta: "Implicit Computational Complexity for handy functional languages: control operators and scalability" (Thesis Proposal)
  • 26.04.2012. Martin Avanzini: "A New Order-theoretic Characterisation of the Polytime Computable Functions" (Visitor)
  • 09.05.2012. Raju Halder: " Extending Abstract Interpretation to New Applicative Scenarios" (Visitor)
  • 23.05.2012. Luca Fossati: "Intensional and Extensional Characterisation of Global Progress in the pi-Calculus" (Visitor)
  • 06.06.2012. Marco Gaboardi: "A language for differential privacy"
  • 13.06.2012. Jean-Marie Madiot: "Duality and i/o types in pi calculus"


  • 19.1.2011. Marco Gaboardi : "Linear Dependent Types and Relative Completeness"
  • 26.1.2011. Giorgio Delzanno (Univ. Genova) : "Parameterized Verification of Ad Hoc Networks "
  • 9.3.2011. Davide Sangiorgi : General discussions on Focus and Hats
  • 16.3.2011. Jacopo Mauro : Discussion on the language Hop (team Indes at Inria Sophia)
  • 30.3.2011. Davide Sangiorgi : Discussion on a paper on bisimulation for the lambda-calculus by V. Koutavs, B.P. Levy and E. Sumi
  • 6.4.2011. Ornela Dardha : Discussion on a paper on logical techniques for handling software distribution by R. Di Cosmo and J. Vouillon
  • 13.4.2011. Ugo Dal Lago : Discussion on a paper by Caires and Pfenning on the use of linear logic for service-oriented computing.
  • 20.4.2011. Jerome Ferret (ENS Paris/INRIA): Presentation of ongoing research on models for biology.
  • 4.5.2011. Claudio Mezzina (INRIA Grenoble): Presentation of ongoing research on reversible computation
  • 11.5.2011. Paolo Parisen-Toldin: Presentation of ongoing research on probabilistic polynomial time.
  • 18.5.2011. Ivan Lanese/Mario Bravetti: Report Lisbon workshop on types for processes
  • 24.5.2011. General discussions on languages for web 2.0
  • 25.5.2011. General discussions on languages for orchestration
  • 8.5.2011. Beniamino Accattoli (INRIA Futur): The kingdom of polarity and the polarity of the kingdom
  • 15.5.2011. General discussion on the Discotec conference cluster (Island)
  • 22.6.2011. Riccardo Solmi: Presentation of the Whole platform and report on the Language Workbench and Code Generation conferences
  • 21.9.2011. Paolo di Giamberardino (UniversitÓ di Cagliari): Soft Session Types.
  • 11.10.2011. Jacopo Mauro: Presentation of a paper dealing with orchestration in Hop.
  • 22.11.2011. Discussion on Activity Report Focus 2011.
  • 6.12.2011. Matias Lee: Semantics for interactive sequential systems and non-interference properties.
  • 20.12.2011. Gianluigi Zavattaro: An autmata-like model for the Aeolus project


  • 20.1.2010 Alessio Guglielmi (University of Bath and LORIA & INRIA Nancy-Grand Est): "Normalisation with Atomic Flows"
  • 27.1.2010. Ivan Lanese presented some recent work on evolvability
  • 3.2.2010. Elena Giachino presented some models for software families (discussion on papers from Hats). Part I
  • 10.2.2010. Elena Giachino presented some models per software families (discussion on papers from Hats). Part II
  • 17.2.2010. Laura Bocchi: "A theory of design-by-contract for distributed multiparty interactions"
  • 3.3.2010. Mario Bravetti discussed the paper "Bart Jacobs, Frank Piessens: Failboxes: Provably Safe Exception Handling. ECOOP 2009"
  • 24.3.2010. Michael Lienhardt (INRIA Grenoble) "Components and Types: The component language Oz/K "
  • 7.4.2010. Elena Giachino discussed the ABS language
  • 28.4.2010. Stefania Gnesi (ISTI-CNR): "A logical framework to deal with variability"
  • 19.5.2010. Davide Sangiorgi reported on the recent Hats meeting in Amsterdam; and Gianluigi Zavattaro discussed about evolvability in CCS
  • 26.5.2010. Marco Gaboardi: " Stream Programs Analysis" (sala riunioni 2)
  • 16.6.2010. Ugo Dal Lago: " Functional Programming in Sublinear Space"
  • 30.6.2010. Yannick Welsch: "Class equivalence and object immutability in Java"
  • 15.9.2010. Davide Sangiorgi: report on the meeting Hats ; Ivan Lanese: report on Concur
  • 29.9.2010. Reports on Lics and Concur from various people
  • 6.10.2010. Marco Patrignani (U. Leuven): "Ownership types"
  • 13.10.2010. Michael Lienhardt, report on some papers on evolvability of components
  • 20.10.2010. Immo Grabe (CWI, Amsterdam): "Towards static deadlock detection in Creol "
  • 3.11.2010. Davide Sangiorgi, discussion on the Inria Activity Report for Focus
  • 10.11.2010. Michael Lienhardt, discussion on "delta models for evolvability/variability of objects".
  • 15.11.2010. Lucian Wischik (Microsoft) "Asynchrony; a new language feature in C# and VB"
  • 24.11.2010. Roberto Zunino (UniversitÓ di Trento), "A Calculus of Contracting Processes"
  • 15.12.2010. Inria/University of Bologna meeting, see details here
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