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TWiki Language by the Line

  • Separate each paragraph with a blank line.

  • To display a word or phrase in bold type, surround it by asterisks: *bold type*

  • To display a word or phrase in italic, surround it by underscores: _italic_

  • To display a word or phrase in bold italic, surround it by double underscores: __bold italic__

  • To link to another Wiki topic, type the WikiWord for that topic. To link to a Wiki topic in another web, type the name of the web, a dot, and the WikiWord for that topic: Test.WebHome.

  • If you add a WikiWord for a topic that doesn't exist, you'll see a question mark after it, prompting you (or someone else) to edit the new topic: FreshTopic?. Once edited, enter the new WikiName and it will appear as a link to the that page.

  • When entering WikiName links, include the home web name as a prefix, ex: all TWiki member pages are in the Main web, so enter Main.YourName.

  • For an external link, just type the URL, starting with http://.

  • To prevent a WikiName from becoming a link, type <nop> first, <nop>NoLinkPlease.

  • To indent with a bullet, enter space-space-space-asterisk-space.
    • Use a multiple of 3 spaces to start nested bullets.
  1. Start items in a numbered list with space-space-space-1-space.
  2. The "1" (or any number) will be replaced by the correct number in order.

  • Always start counting for bullets and such from the beginning of a new line.

  • To include an image, type its URL. You also can Attach an image to the page and display it with text %ATTACHURL%/yourimagefilename.jpg .

  • To display a word or phrase in MONOSPACED TYPE, surround it by '=' characters. Use two for bold: bold mono .

     Surround code excerpts, filenames, and other
     unformatted text with <pre> or </pre>
     <verbatim> and </verbatim> tags.

  • Use three or more consecutive hyphens for a horizontal rule: ---

  • To see the markup for any page, click on Raw text on the lower toolbar.

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